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Polyester Yarn Making Machine

Polyester fibers are made from their respective yarns that are known to be the long chain of polymers that have been derived from the petroleum, water, coal and air. As the name implies, our offered range of Polyester Yarn Making Machine helps in production of variety of sizes of PP, PET and HDPE recycled mono filament that later finds usage for making plastic rope, safety net, fishing net and plastic twine. Although, the mentioned gamut of machines consumes minimum energy, yet result in high production capability. With the help of this selection of Yarn Making Machines, cost of manpower and time taken for completion of task, both can be reduced. The yarn produced can be used for making of home furnishing items, recording tapes, electrical insulation, clothing and many more.

Processes used by the machine
  • Spinning: The chips of polymer are melted at the temperature ranging between 260 to 270 degree Celsius for forming a solution that is similar to the syrup. In order to achieve certain properties, few additives can be combined with the spinning solutions.
  • Drawing: This process includes the drawing of extruded fibers obtained from the spinneret to elongate them using godet wheels.
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Polyester FDY Civil Spinning Machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Incorporate new type of energy-efficient spinning box
  • Used for making polyester FDY FDY yarn
  • With slow cooling individually controlled heating device
  • Made from standard grade metals like low carbon steel and stainless steel

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Polyester POY Spinning Machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Used for spinning of polypropylene and polyester yarns
  • Incorporate melting, extruding and drawing as part of its operation
  • Highly energy efficient operation
  • Working frequency and pressure can be controlled as per requirements

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Polyester FDY Spinning Machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Easy installation process
  • It is used to make FDY yarn
  • High efficient spinning beam
  • Model of Winder: 635/835

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Polyester PA6 BCF Spinning Machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Consists of single motor controlled spindle system, cutting edge overlap unit
  • Known for its its error free operation
  • Is capable of modifying yarn length
  • Sturdy construction and long service life

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Polyester Yarn Spinning Machine

Price: 5000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • With high speed spinning capability
  • Can reduce labor cost and project cost to a great extent
  • Maintains required strength of polyester yarn
  • Long service life and easy to maintain


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