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Offering state of the art technology Synthetic Yarn Spinning Machine, Chemical Fiber Making Machine, Yarn Spinning Machine, Yarn Making Machine, Yarn Making Machine Spare Parts, etc. at Market Leading Prices..

About Us

About Us

JIANGXI HONGYUAN MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a famous chemical fiber spinning machine manufacturer in China for over 30 years. It is located in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, which is about 800KM from Shanghai. It was a stated-owned company before and was privated in 2003, now it has more 5000sqm workshops and offices, more than 100 workers. It specializes in producing: Yarn Spinning Machine, Synthetic Yarn Spinning Machine, Yarn Making Machine, Polyester Staple Fiber Spinning Machine, Chemical Fiber Spinning Machine.

"Our main international markets are Turkey, five countries in central Asian, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria,Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and all the countries in Latin America." 
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Consistent Quality

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Strengthening Industries

We deal in various kinds of spinning machines which are technologically advanced and eases the production process. These machines can induce higher productivity for firms at lower time & cost. With growing technology, more labor is also required to handle these machines, hence we also encourage higher level of employments. With a sufficient cut in time and cost, manufacturers can produce at higher levels of efficiency and can generate greater profits. Due to higher machine innovations and improved technology, India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturer in the world, with the CAGR rising from 16% to 25%. Also, FDI grows by 80% year by year, by which we could infer the growth of industries due to advanced machinery and latest technology.

Export Market

India, South East Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South America, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Central Asia and East Europe

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