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PP Yarn Making Machine

Designed to produce the top-of-the-line PP Yarn, our offered range of Yarn Making Machine renders higher transparency and better competent strength with the superior working mechanism. Based on their distinct features like rugged construction, high resistivity to corrosion, durability and many more, these machines are highly demanded in the textile industry. Depending upon the requirement, the mentioned range of machines can also produce round wire by making the PP particles 100% round in shape. With the help of provided array, plastic round wire with specifications 0.15 to 0.3 mm can be easily made. The mentioned Yarn Making Machines are an ideal choice for producing net yarn.

  • Artificial hair
  • Brushes
  • Carpet
  • Filter
  • Fishing net
  • Ropes
  • Net
  • Mosquito net
  • Textile
Product Image (PP FDY spinning )

PP FDY spinning machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

High-Tenacity Polypropylene FDY spinning machine is utilized to make FDY yarn which is mainly used to make woven geotextile, filter cloth, cloth bags, fire hoses, belts, conveyor belts, safety net, industrial sewing thread, marine ropes etc.

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FDY PP Yarn Spinning Drawing Machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Consumes very less electricity during its operation
  • AC frequency inverter, screw extruding part are some main features
  • Model: JHW3920/3
  • String-up method: Automatic new end forming

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PP Yarn Spinning Machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Used for spinning/making of polyester fiber
  • Air quenching chamber, independent inverter and pin screw are some main features
  • Highly reliable operation
  • Long life, easy operation, sturdy design

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Polypropylene FDY Yarn Spinning Machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • With low yarn wastage rate
  • With advanced cooling system with energy efficient cooling technique
  • Microprocessor controlled operation
  • Rigid structure and long service life

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Polypropylene BCF Spinning Machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Used to make BCF yarn
  • Spinning speed: 1000-2200
  • Model of Winder: 435/635(Special for BCF)
  • Capacity per position: 0.6T/0.9T/3.8T

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High-Tenacity Polypropylene FDY Spinning Machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Spinning speed: 2,000-2,800
  • Model of Winder: 635/835
  • This machines is utilized to make FDY yarn
  • Consistes of high-frequency hot godet for energy efficient operation


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