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FDY Yarn Spinning Machine

FDY yarn spinning machine is one of the many yarn spinning machines offered by Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.FDY is fully drawn yarn that must be produced at high spinning machine.This type of yarn can be twisted, warped and woven. The physical properties of this yarn include denier, tenacity and elongation. TheFDY yarn spinning machine has a feeding unit, spinning beam, air cooling unit, stretch roller and winder. The PLC control and touch screen on the yarn spinning machine enables quick and easy operations. Nylon PA6 FDY and Polypropylene FDY are types of yarns utilized for the further production of products. 
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Nylon PA6 FDY spinning machine

Price: 50000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

PA66,PA6 as raw material, through process of spinning, drawing and bulking to produce FDY.

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Industrial Yarn Spinning Line

Price: 500000.00 INR/Set

Polyester industrial FDY spinning machine is utilized to make FDY yarn, which is mainly used to make lift belt, traction belt, fastening belt, conveyor belt geotextile nets, ropes, industrial sewing threads and rubber.

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Polypropelen FDY spinning machine

Price: 50000 USD ($)/Set

PP-FDY spinning drawing machine adopt the most advanced technology, high efficiency, energy saving, reliable


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