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Spinning Components

Spinning of yarn is considered to be a process of conversion of fiber material into the textile fabric. After industrial revolution and with the rapid changes occurring in the technology, plenty of development rose for easing the process of spinning in an effective manner. Hand spinning can be a tedious task, this being the reason, we offer Spinning Components to the textile industry in order to complete the process without much complex operations. Most of the rendered components are engineered using stainless steel to provide durability and reliability along with long lasting performance. For producing hollow fibers, Spinning Components can be designed as per the requirement so that particular need can be fulfilled.

Processes include in spinning:
  • Fiber
  • Blowroom
  • Carding
  • Combing
  • Drawing
  • Roving
  • Ring Spinning
  • Yarn
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Quenching Chamber

Price: 500-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Used to cool and to make bundles of spun filaments
  • Very precise design.
  • Easy to comprehend mechanism and high efficiency level
  • Offered chamber can be tailor made

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Spin Beam

Price: 5000-1000000 USD ($)/Set

  • Used for polypropylene non woven fabric yarn
  • Maintain softness and tensile strength of yarn
  • Very easy operating system
  • Very long functional life period

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Hot Godet

Price: 50000 INR/Set
  • Delivery Time:90 Days
  • Supply Ability:120 Per Month
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Product Type:Textile Machinery Components
  • Warranty:10 years
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Stainless Steel Spinneret

Price: 200-1000000 USD ($)/Piece

  • Made of very high grade stainless steel
  • Used for spinning chemical fiber, polyester fiber & synthetic fiber
  • User friendly design
  • Long working life

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Stainless Steel Hollow Fiber Spinning Spinneret

Price: 200-1000000 USD ($)/Piece

  • Can be used under high temperature and high pressure
  • With number of holes with specific diameter and shape
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Can be used in staple fiber, differential fiber, nylon, non woven fiber and filament yarn machine

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Spinneret and Spin Pack

Price: 200-1000000 USD ($)/Piece

  • Made using advanced CNC turning procedure
  • High strength stainless steel for making
  • Application specific design and easy installation method
  • Easy to operate, easy to maintain


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